Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario // Review


Or, why I’m decluttering half my palette collection.

I love eyeshadow. My collection is bigger than I’ll ever use in ten lifetimes, but eyeshadow just has this pull on me that I can’t explain. Enter, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ latest collaboration: Master Palette by Mario. Mario Dedivanovic, celebrity makeup artist known in part for his work with the Kardashians, worked with ABH to create the edit below that is a neutral lover’s dream come true.

When people review eyeshadow, they normally throw around words like “blendable,” “pigmented,” and “buttery.” I feel like in the mid-range eyeshadow world, that is now a given. If I’m paying $40+ for a palette, the texture of the shadows should perform as such because that’s where the bar is set.


What makes these eyeshadows stand out for me is the longevity. My eyelids hate shadow – no matter what, I get creasing. I’ve tried countless primers, and countless combinations of said primers, but nothing works to keep my shadow from pooling. And after trying these shadows, I realized maybe it’s not my primer that’s the problem, but the formulation of the shadows themselves.

I don’t know what is — or isn’t — in these shadows, but they last for 8+ hours on my lids. I can’t overemphasize how much of a miracle this is for my oily-lidded self.

This palette has finally given me the kick in the pants I need to declutter the shadows that simply do not work for me. (In other words, my family members have a whole bunch of Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes and Lorac palettes coming their way.) Life is too short to fool around with bad makeup.


If you’re looking for a benchmark, these shadows have the pigmentation of Lorac Pro palettes. One light tap of the brush to the pan, and you’re set for weeks. There isn’t a ton of kick-up, but it is inevitable with the softness of the shadows. However, I think the colors are much truer to pan. For me, they’re closest to Make Up For Ever’s Artist Shadow formula, but the metallics have more of a wet sheen than a sparkle.


Shade Range

The warm earth tones in this palette are the types of colors I gravitate toward. My skin is NC 15-ish, and all of these are very wearable. I was worried some of the warmer colors would make me look sickly, but my fears were unfounded. My only gripe – I wish there was another matte shade in the palette! I can use Hollywood as an all-over lid color as my base, but I’d prefer a matte cream. Or, a deep matte brown to use as a liner. But those are small complaints in the overall scope of this review.


It’s easy to blend these shadows, but it’s also easy to overblend into a muddy mess. I’d rather have a very soft shadow, however, than one that is dry and skips. Use a light hand, and remember that it’s easier to build than it is to blend out an accidental smokey eye. Especially at 6:00 a.m. when you’re getting ready for a day of pushing papers at your day job in a conservative, corporate environment.


The pans are encased in your standard heavy-weight cardboard packaging. There’s a mirror that could be handy for touch-ups, but it’s not the one in my collection I’d pick to prop up and do my full face in a hotel room, you know? I could take it or leave it. What is excellent is the fact that the cover can fold all the way back, making it easy to situate on a vanity without the magnetized closure snapping it shut.

Bonus! It comes with a brush.

I’ve seen reviews calling the brush scratchy. It’s stiff, sure, but I really like it! Flat shader on one side, fluffy crease brush on the other. I definitely think it adds to the overall value of the palette, and I am pleasantly surprised by its utility.

Okay, now I want it, but it’s out of stock everywhere. Why are you doing this to me?

As of right this second, it’s still available at Macy’s if you’re in the US. And just restocked at Sephora! However, if you can’t grab this very palette, I hope this review serves more as a testament to the quality of ABH shadows in general.

Before buying this palette, I purchased a single in Chocolate Crumble to see if I liked the formulation. Building your own palette is still an option! I’ve also heard rumors that ABH is going to make the Modern Renaissance palette permanent. Either way, there are options!

Final verdict

I love this palette, and I love the shadows. It’s a home run.  


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