and Instagram Stories are the Best Things to Happen to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

instagram stories

Why affiliate-based marketing and real-time sharing is beneficial to a social-savvy audience

This year, for the first time, I’m really plugged into social media as we’re in the thick of the Early Access period of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Mentions of “#NSale” have completely saturated my feed, and I am Now, I’m just an Average Jane — I’m not an influencer, nor am I a cardholder. I also live 100 miles from the closest Nordstrom. Here’s why the use of (LTK) and Instagram Stories appeals to me.

It brings the catalog and website to life.
Because I clearly need to find more productive ways to spend my time, I went page by page (all 46 of them) of the Early Access Preview of women’s clothing/beauty. But, then I pulled up Instagram, and I was instantly sucked into Story after Story of dressing room diaries, mini hauls and most importantly, real women trying on the pieces from the sale in real time.

I can find exactly what is being featured. And quickly.
The magic of Instagram Stories and LTK means I am given a direct link to the product. In the pre-LTK days, how many times did you see the following exchange?:

Original Poster’s Caption: This cozy grey sweater from @nordstrom is perfect for cool summer nights!
Commenter: Omg, I love that top. Where’s it from?
OP: I got it at Nordstrom. It’s tagged!
Unhelpful. I can’t quantify it, but the percentage chance I’m going to see out a grey knit sweater on Nordstrom by searching page by page is significantly less than having the direct link. And the effort expended? A simple double-tap. It goes straight to my inbox. Shorten the buying journey, shorten the decision-making process. I don’t care that I have to make an account or download an app. Those two tiny actions are minutes out of my day in the grand scheme of things.

I can use my purchasing power to support the influences who do influence me.
As an aside: I know the term “influencer” is one of those eye-roll-inducing buzzwords. It’s the truth, though. Not to be confused with a “shill.”

I’ll throw out the disclaimer that I’m fairly ignorant to the commission model for sites like LTK and any Nordstrom partnerships. However, I do enjoy the opportunity to purchase through an affiliate link if Blogger X or YouTuber Y was the reason I pulled the trigger on a new pair of suede over-the-knee boots. It’s an opportunity for me as a consumer to say, Hey, thank you for taking the time to sell me on the value of this product. You’ve earned my trust, and I want to continue to support what you do.

I’m still in control of and accountable for my own spending.
#NSale marketing is top-notch at creating a sense of urgency. I love shopping, but my bank account appreciates when I window-shop. At the end of the day, if said suede OTK boot are on sale for $200, down from $300, you’re not saving $100 if you’re buying for the sake of the sale. You’re spending $200. But, if you’re practicing responsible consumerism and only identifying pieces that you need, have a use for, and fit within your budget.

I have two Twitter followers. Nordstrom, rewardStyle, LTK…none of them have any idea who I am. This type of stuff just makes my marketing brain nerd out to the max. Hopefully, it lands with some like-minded #adnerds. Or just people with too much time on their hands to online shop.


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