REVIEW | The Girls Eyeshadow Palette | DesixKaty Dose of Colors Collaboration


I’ve seen some mixed reviews of this palette across my networks, so I’ll add my two cents. I really enjoy the fact that this palette came with a “how to” card because without it, I think I would have struggled with application. I don’t love having to use my fingers to apply shadow, but in the case of all four of these shades, it really nets you the best results.

The Launch

I thought the promo leading up the launch was very well done – from the videos on Desi’s and Katy’s channels to the collection previews from influencers who attended the launch party. It made me excited to purchase The Girls. Based on swatches, reviews, etc., I knew that none of the other products in the line would really jive with my skin tone/undertone. Hooray for informed decision-making!

The limited edition launch model, a la Kylie Cosmetics, doesn’t appeal to me. As a consumer, if you make it difficult for me to buy your product, I’m probably going to pass. I know some people enjoy the thrill of the chase – nope, I’m a stick in the mud. So, I was pleasantly surprised to log onto the Dose of Colors website and experience zero glitches in the checkout process. The site didn’t go down. I didn’t have to refresh the page a million times. It was painless.

I appreciated all the real-time updates from Dose on Instagram stories. Sure, they can prepare for volume of orders, but they are still a small business staffed by human beings. I don’t expect anyone to be working around the clock so I can have an eyeshadow palette arrive in my mailbox — from halfway across the country — a few days earlier. It’s not life or death. I’m just spoiled by Sephora Flash, Amazone Prime, etc. Manage customer expectations, and you see

Manage customer expectations, and you’ll witness a lot less outcry. If I wasn’t following Dose on Instagram, I may not have seen the stack of shipping labels a mile high and may not have heard founder Anna Petrosian explain the shipping timeline.


The Packaging

The palette was shipped incredibly well – yards of bubble wrap to keep everything secure. I love the nude box that ties in with the aesthetic of the entire collection.The palette is slim with a magnetic closure.

desi-katy-collection-namesThe palette itself is slim with a magnetic closure. The metallic outer finishing is a textured fabric that catches the light beautifully. It’s a tight weave, almost like a rattan, which makes me think it will be easier to keep clean than other fabric-covered palettes. I really appreciate that the shade names are listed on the back. One level beyond that would have been some sort of indication (like a “W”) of which shadows are meant to be used wet.

The Palette

These are very pigmented and glittery. Precision is key when placing them on the lid. There is some fallout with Suz, so I agree with recommendations to do your eyes before your base so cleanup is simple. That said, the fallout wipes away easily, and most importantly, the shadows remove cleanly at the end of the night: no residual glitter that you find for days, weeks, months, etc. My biggest peeve with glitter shadows!


The shadows swatched and applied to my lids true to the shades I’ve seen online. As a lover of neutrals, I don’t have anything like them in my collection. I love that Harpoon and Turbosan look like you’ve spent hours layering and blending, yet the application takes about 30 seconds.

Turboson, in particular, is a stand-out shade for me because the base color is so strong. It pulls a cranberry-purple shade that I can pull up into my crease and drag down along my lower lashline to create a complete eye look.

The Summary

Overall, I’d recommend this palette, but with reservations. If you’re willing to work with these shadows, I think you’ll enjoy the palette. If you’re looking for shadows you can blend in your sleep, it might be a pass.


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