REVIEW | Wet ‘n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner | Never Petal Down


Wet ‘n Wild continues to be one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands. I find that I’ve had to actively work to shake myself of the mentality of settling for something that is “good for the price.” Once we start moving into higher-end and luxury makeup, price becomes more of a factor for me, but within the drugstore and mid-range sphere, I’m truly looking for a product that performs well in spite of its price tag…not because of it. As we see price creep in other drugstore brands (L’Oreal, Revlon, Cover Girl, etc.), Wet ‘n Wild has remained true to its price point and continues to expand with quality, on-trend products.

The Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner comes in six shades. As the brand’s first gel lip liner, the product description reads:

Are you ready for this gel-ly? Tell your lips to get in line for pout perfection. A lip liner like no other, made with a special polymer formula, it seamlessly glides onto lips and leaves color that goes on for days. Wear alone or under lipstick for color that won’t budge. Like, ever.

Based on the shades available, I picked up Never Petal Down (654C).

wet-n-wild-gel-lip-liner (3)

The Formula

The formula is very comfortable and requires a very light hand for application. It’s not transfer-proof, but it is budge-proof in that it won’t smear outside your lip line once it has set. I really like that I can wear it like a lipstick and not feel compelled to put a gloss on top. My lips have some texture to them, and the gel formula hugs my lips without emphasizing my lines. I also enjoy that the formula doesn’t have a scent. I strongly dislike lip pencils (or eyeliners, for that matter) that smell like a box of Crayola colored pencils.

wet-n-wild-gel-lip-liner (4)

The Shade

From the box and packaging, I thought Never Petal Down was going to be a dusty rose color, but it pulls much brighter on my skin tone. Undertone-wise, you can see it wears differently on my arm than my lips.


The Verdict

This gel lip liner is definitely a great drugstore option, and a great liner option in general. The fact that it’s under $3 USD is even better. I hope this product is successful so that Wet ‘n Wild can expand to feature more nude shades.


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